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5 Wareham Road, Norman Gardens, Kingston 2

price J$3,200,000.00

Lot Size: Approximately 50 feet by 152 feet. The site is developed with four (4) buildings

Building # 1: Bungalow with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living/dining room, kitchen, verandah, comprising of a gross floor area of approximately 745 square feet.

Building # 2: Partially completed and occupied single story dwelling comprising of 1 bedroom, living/dining room, incomplete kitchen and bathroom with a gross building area of approximately 455 square feet.

Building # 3: unoccupied incomplete single story dwelling comprising of a bedsit (studio) and bathroom comprising of approximately 320 square feet.

Building # 4: Incomplete but occupied single story dwelling comprising of 2 bedrooms, living/dining, kitchen, verandah with a gross building area of approximately 520 square feet.

Lot # 87 Norris, St. Yallahs, Thomas
price J$6,400,000.00

Near Rodeo drive along the Norris Main Road

Second property north of Rodeo drive along the Norris Main Road
Lot Size: Approximately 5 Acres (Farm Lot)

Dwelling: An old single story dwelling comprising of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen/dining area, and verandah with a gross building area of approximately 710 square feet. The dwelling is in poor condition.

The site is relatively level land, good for agriculture. The area is known for, vegetables, tubers, and tree crops such as mangoes, and coconuts.


Lot # 1518 White Hall Estate Block # 3, Negril, Westmoreland

price J$2,000,000.00

White Hall Estate Housing Scheme
Lot Size:  Approximately 5,850 square feet
Vacant Lot:    Residential lot with a steep slope downwards from the roadway.  The area has many large and medium size dwellings.  The roads are paved with asphalt.

Lot 81 Mahoe Avenue, Section A, Mount View Estate, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
price J$5,520,000.00

Turn left off Victoria Rose Boulevard on to Mahove Ave

Lot Size: 17,424 square feet

Dwelling;The one story masonry building is comprised of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, with a gross building area of approximately 1,190 square feet. The structure is block and steel. There is an incomplete 2 car detached garage. The site slopes downward towards the roadway.

Lot #131 Olga Hill Blvd, Chandlers Pen, Clarendon
price J$5,520,000.00

Near Chandlers Pen Junior High

Corner of Alexander Close

Lot Size: 14,462 Square feet

Dwelling: Incomplete masonry building comprising of 2 – 2 Bedroom apartments each with living/dining room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. Amenities include asphalt paved road, electricity, water

Lot 38 St. Jago Blvd, St. Jago gardens, St. Catherine
price J$5,300,000.00

Take Sligoville Road to St. Jago Gardens. Continue along this road leading into St. Jago Gardens towards the playfield. Property situated opposite the playfield.

Lot Size: Approximately 6,730 square feet

Dwelling: Comprises of three sections
Section 1: 2 bedrooms1 bathroom, kitchen, living/dining, verandah
Section 2: 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchenette
Section 3: Incomplete area comprising of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, proposed kitchenette

Lot # 6 King Hill, Bamboo, St. Ann
price J$6,400,000.

King Hill/Arabial Felix is accessed from Rickman Drive which runs south of Bamboo square. After passing Bamboo Junior High School and Bamboo Boys Home go pass quary road and keep right on to a dirt road pass the last house. Turn right in to property at Almond Tree.

Lot Size:
The site is approximately 13 acres and is mostly hilly.

The dwelling is a 2,684 sf single family masonry structure comprising of 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining verandah, and a garage. The location is rural and the site has farming potential. The dwelling needs repairs and upgrades. Its estimated age in the range of 25 to 35 years old

1124 Cedar Ave, Longville Park, Clarendon
price J$6,000,000.

Sector Phase 2 of Longville Park Housing Development, Clarendon. Clover Avenue is off Cassia Drive.

Site: The site is approximately 3,067 sq. ft

The dwelling is a 1,277 sf. single story, one family structure comprising of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, front verandah and rear patio. Preparation was started for a second storey. The site is level and fenced with barbed wire. The property needs some TLC.

19 Knowles Crescent, Mandeville, Manchester
price US$350,000

Overlooking the highway

5,000 sq. sf. 2 Story 2 family masonry dwelling with built in 2 car garage, 2,000 gallon in-ground water tank, and water heater. Rental apartment consists of 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms living/dining, kitchen.

Owner’s apartment is a duplex with 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room and a verandah on the upper floor. Family room, powder room, laundry and utility room on the ground floor.

22 Lady Musgrave, Kingston 5, St. Andrew
price J$15,000,000

2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom condo

Contact: Veronica James
Telephone: 876 416 3838
Email: channelrealty10@yahoo.com

1 Stanton Terrace, Kingston 6, St. Andrew
price J$13,000,000

900 Square feet commercial condo office
Contact: Dave Scott
Telephone:876 871 6832
Email: scotty_dave@yahoo.com

Coral Gardens, Saint James
price J$24,000,000

Lot size in the range of ½ acre

Partial 2 story incomplete masonry structure designed to be a 3 story building consisting of 3 dwelling units.

Calidonia Meadows, Mandeville, Manchester

Lot size approximately ¼ acre.

Land with good view of surrounding are with 2 older building in poor condition that needs to be demolished.

Lot 624 Millsforrow Ave, Petersfield, Westmoreland
price J$5,600,000

Lot size is approximately 3,610 sq. ft.

The subject is located in the Shrewsberry Housing Development, Westmoreland

The improvement is a 750 sq. ft one story masonry, one family dwelling comprising of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 car paved driveway.

Middlesex District, St. Elizabeth
price J$3,500,000

Traveling from Lacovia, make the first right after exiting Holland Bamboo Ave, pass the Middlesex postal Agency and make right turn. Follow this road for approximately 450 meters and access property via a lane on the right side of the road.

Site: The site is approximately 4,356 sq. ft.

Dwelling: The masonry dwelling is approximately 740 sf and is comprised of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living/dining, kitchen and verandah. The building is in the range of 15 to 20 years old and is in fair condition.

Pridees, St. Catherine
price J$6,000,000

This 900 sq. ft dwelling has 3 bedroom 1 bathroom. It is in fair condition.

Contact: Andrew Williams
Telephone: 876 323 2965
Email: williamsa72@gmail.com

The Vinyards, St. Catherine
price J$7,000,000

Lot Corner lot

Dwelling 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom dwelling

Contact:  Sandra Forrest Brown
Telephone: 876 584 8175
Email:  sandybrown@yahoo.com

Main Road, St. Margarets Bay, Portland
price J$6,5000,000 negotiable

¾ acre Acres of level land along the main road.

Good for commercial development or residential use.

Lot 115 Victory Ave, Red Hills, St. Andrews
price $18,000,000

Acre vacant lot with a panoramic view
Contact: Andrew Williams
Telephone: 876 323 2965
Email: williamsa72@gmail.com

Contact: Sandra Berry:
Telephone: 876 479 1319
Email:   bersanndy@yahoo.com

Horizon Park, St. Catherine
price Call for Price

Contact:  Sandra Forrest Brown
Telephone: 876 584 8175
Email:  sandybrown@yahoo.com

East Kirkland Heights, Red Hills, St. Andrew
price J$10,000,000

The dwelling is comprised of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining

Contact:  Sandra Forrest Brown
Telephone: 876 584 8175
Email: sandybrown@yahoo.com

Zion Hill, Portland
price J$28,00,000

Turn on to the Sherwood Forest/Zion Hill road
Off the main road.

The lot size is approximately 2 acres and is well fruited

The dwelling is comprised of3 bedroom 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room, verandah, and dining room on the main floor and a bedroom/den with a full bathroom on the basement level with a one car built in garage

Russell Road, Haughton Court, Lucea, Hanover
price J4,480,000

Russell Road runs off the main highway.

The site is approximately 11,808 sf, slopes upward from the street and is overgrown with vegetation.

The dwelling is an incomplete structure

The building when completed should be approximately 2,112 sf. The structure is approximately 10% to 15% complete.

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